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Enough Rest To Make A Healthy Body

Health lifeGood rest and enough rest can make a recovery and increase the strength of the body after used in a variety of activities. Sleep is an important factor in the break, during which sleep all our body functions filled / updated again. But the break was not only slept, but also relax, changes in activity, eliminating all the pressures of work or other problems. Such as a walk to breathe fresh air, exercise, clear your mind everything can soothe the muscles. We all need a break to fight all the fatigue. Once we wake up from sleep, our brains get back to work very well.

Growth hormone is essential for improving the quality, size and efficiency of the brain, it also increases the transport of amino acids from the blood to the brain that allows nerve cells to be able to continue to learn and useful. Most of the growth hormone produced when we sleep in peace (serene). Other important hormones are cortisone, which is the highest production of it is from midnight until in the morning (early). Cortisone play a big role in helping us deal with stress / pressures we face every day, reducing fatigue and inflammation. When we sleep late, then they limit the body’s ability to handle all activities and reduce the energy and vitality of the next day.

The human body has been arranged in a way where each of its organs has the time for rest and recovery. During sleep, all the muscles relax and the nervous system is freed from all tension, violence often happens every day. This is the time where the body repair itself. We often confused and ask ‘what time sleep is good for health? And whether bedtime it’s should be done every day and are required?’, a good sleep was not a problem at ‘when we start but how soundly we sleep, and how many total hours of sleep we to get’. When we sleep over at 12 am but you sleep soundly, it’s not a problem. In addition, if indeed our total hours of sleep (including naps) has been reached between 6-8 hours per day (soundly) is also not a problem. Because the main cause of liver damage is “Sleeping too late and waking up too late are the most significant cause”.

How To Get Rid Of Productive Cough

Health lifeA cough is having two types. First is a dry cough, it is a bad type since it is really hard to be controlled. Second is a productive cough, it will spill out the certain liquid that becomes the obstacle in our breath system. A productive cough or we call it a wet cough is so irritating if we do not take some action to take care of this. A cough, in general, is the natural way of our body to clean out our throat from any irritant and any virus that becomes the obstacle in our respiratory system. It is also the self-defense system from our body.

This is sometimes irritating if we see our friend often cough especially when we are focusing on our task. That is why we must take care our body well if we are healthy to prevent this kind of ache. To reduce the symptom of a wet cough could be reduced with certain ways. The drugs that you need is expectorant. The expectorant will help you loosen the mucus in your throat, it will allow you to be easier to spill out the liquid that becomes the cause of a wet cough. You can buy it in the nearest drug store that you trust.

The next thing that you have to do is to avoid smoking or avoid the people who smoke regularly. This is because the bad impact of smoke which could damage your lungs and also create a certain disease that is really problematic. It is often so bad if you become the active smoker because the condition will not be good for you. The cause of a cough is also found from your surrounding because the symptom may be caused by the dirt in your area. It is better to check your allergy condition to know whether you are having a problem with pollen or not.

Hair Care: Is It Ok Coloring Hair?

Health lifeThere are a lot of people who like change their hair color every month; it is because they are bored with their hair appearance. Then, cutting hair is not enough to get away the boredom. However, do you know that hair color made your hair suffer? It is damage and dead. For your hair health; of course, it is not good but you do insist on coloring your hair. Then, how to make the hair still healthy although it is colored so often in a year? The answer is doing not color your hair too often. You can still color the hair but only once in three months or longer.

The best way of having good and healthy hair with colored hair is to give it the proper hair care. You can use hair care that is made special for damage hair or for colored hair. Not only the shampoo that caring your hair but also the vitamin for your damage hair. It will make your hair stay alive. You also can put on masker to your hair at least once a week to strengthen the hair and relax your mind. Not only women who need to care their hair here; men who often change their hair color need to use the tips above as well.

If you think you do not have more budget to do that treatment for your hair; do not color your hair if it does not necessary. Maybe if you want to do it just once or twice to know the effect; you can color your hair without use the bleaching. Bleaching here will make your more damage than only coloring. Some people who have strong hair may still have good and beautiful hair without any damage if they only use the color without bleach. The point prefers the health of your hair first before the esthetic.

Suffering Chronic Conditions? Live This Healthy Life

Health lifeAre you suffering chronic conditions such as suffering heart disease or other chronic diseases? Then, you might be suggested to change your lifestyle into something healthier than before. It is no secret that living a healthier life is important to stay away from the chronic disease. That’s why it is recommended for anyone to live such healthy living in their life. However, what kind of healthy living that we need to practice?

When talking about healthy living, it means that we will lead to practice healthy living habit which includes our eating and exercise habit. Both eating and exercising are significant in healthy life. As you are considered to be healthy through your eating habit, you are supposed to eat a healthy food. A healthy food refers to a balanced and varied diet. You should consider fruits and vegetables on every menu you are going to eat since many fruits and vegetables have a good effect on fighting chronic disease.

Besides, you need to do something with your activity as well. If you are considered to be passive in your daily activity, you may need to increase your exercise and be active. Practicing regular exercise is highly effective to help you beat your chronic disease. If you cannot do a type of exercise that is considered to be hard, you can do something like walking, jogging or biking that in any case are quite difficult to resist.

Moreover, you should consider about stopping your bad habit such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and coffee and eating so much fast food. Those habits have a bad impact on your health, so it is better for you to avoid or stop those habits immediately. The last, consider taking a very good rest and sleep each day. That’s all about some healthy lifestyles that you can develop to fight your chronic diseases.

Dangerous Germs in our House Equipment

Health lifeThere are microbe and germ almost all places. We can easily find the germs everywhere including in the house equipment or even in our body. Also, we can find the germ in a food or drink. Air, water, plants, and pets are like friends for the microbe. Fortunately, not all germs are dangerous for us, but we should reduce the existence. It is because many germs are like agents that can damage us with various diseases. They can attack our immunity.

Unfortunately, the dangerous germs are easily spreading because we ignore treating equipment in the house. We claim that the equipment but actually it can be a good place for the germ to live. Usually, we don’t realize that the equipment is placed by the germ. The equipment is often used by us. Thus, we must be aware of the equipment below.

1. Mobile Phone

When we are doing some activities, we don’t realize what we touch. We don’t know what kind of germs grew on the skin. Then, we don’t realize to hold our mobile phone or even lend it to friends.

2. Purse

When we are going to the work, we will bring our purse from a place to other places. All kinds of germs may attack the purse. Perhaps there have been 16 million germs on the purse.

3. Toilet Kleenex

When many people take the toilet Kleenex, the kinds of germs can be collected there. Thus you should be careful because the germs there can cause pneumonia, bladder infection, and cervical infection.

4. Washing Sponge

The washing sponge in the kitchen can contain 200 times much more than a closet. In the other words, the sponge is the dirtiest equipment in the kitchen.

Those are the equipment that known have many germs. To avoid disease because of them we should be diligent to wash our hand before eating a meal.

Health Life Tips: Stop These Habits to Avoid Diabetes

health lifeDo you know diabetes? It is one of the diseases which makes people afraid actually. In this era with various junk good, the risk of getting diabetes will be higher. Not only the old man, the young one can have the risk too. That is why health life tips about stopping bad habits which because diabetes is very needed. It means that you should understand what those habits that are very bad for your health especially the habits causing diabetes. To know more about these habits, you can read the explanation as follow.

Health Life Tips: Bad Habits That Should Be Avoided

In this case, there are some health life tips you should know. What you need to understand is that there are bad habits that should be avoided when you do not want to get diabetes. For the first one is that you have to stop in consuming food with too much sugar, salt, and cholesterol. As we know that food in high sugar, salt and cholesterol will cause diabetes or it can help someone to get a high risk of diabetes. Thus, you are better to consume healthy food such as vegetables and fruits.

After that, you also need to avoid the habits of smoking and drinking alcohol. Those habits can cause there are many toxins which can enter your body. Too many toxins in your body will be bad because it can make your body is easy to get sick including getting diabetes. Hence, that is why you have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol now if you want not to get diabetes and changing your life to be a health life. Moreover, the next habit you need to avoid too is you always sleep late. This is a bad habit as well since it can make the risk of obesity higher which then it can be diabetes.

Numerous Benefits of Water for Human Body

Health lifeWater includes as one of the particle of the human body. It is almost 70% of human body is composed of water. That’s why water becomes so important for human body. The human may perhaps be able to live for couple of days without eating any foods, but they probably are able last to live just for 3-5 days without water. It is because when the people stop to consume water, the body liquid will certainly decrease and some internal organs may not want to work properly. That’s why every people are requested to drink enough water in a day. For your information here are several benefits of water for human body.

Water has two benefits toward the human body, either for health or beauty. The first benefits of water for human health is it can increase someone stamina and being a source of energy. Besides, it is also able to release the toxic within the body through the sweat and urine. And because of water is everywhere inside the body, it enables the body to control the balance of body temperature. It also helps the body to smoothen the blood stream into the whole part of human body. Consuming enough amount of water possibly will avoid the people for suffering from certain disease as well.

Furthermore, water is also good enough for taking care of someone’s beauty. It can avoid anyone from early aging. Keeping the skin healthy, either face or body. It maintains the humidity of someone’s skin. Then, how much amount of water that certainly has to be consumed by the people for better health. According to the hygienist suggestion, the people are requested to drink water for about 2 – 3 liters in a day. It is equal to 8 glasses of waters. So, what are you waiting for? Try to drink a certain amounts of water, from now on, for your better health.

Forever Young by Taking Healthy Tips

Health lifeStay young is one of people wishes. Nowadays many people use inappropriate ways to look young and usually, it spends much money. Actually, to be healthy does not cost much money. You can start it from the most common thing. You should start it now, as soon as possible. Here you are going to be explained about thing dealing with 8 health steps to look young. Before you go to the furthermore information you need to remember that health is one of asset that will keep you survive, so you do not need to think twice to follow these steps.

Let’s go to number one, it is important to organize your healthy dietary. Healthy dietary will affect your appearance start from skin, nail, weight, and even it affects your mood too. You need food that can improve your metabolism, cardiac work, and also execute the stress. You are recommended to consume vegetable, fruit (banana, apple, grape, orange, kiwi, or pear), also other food contain vegetable protein. You do not have to count the amount of calorie you eat, but you need to count the quality of food you consume.

Number two! You need to make yourself move. It means that it is essential to have a routine exercise. You do not have to go to the gym, you can do several simple exercises such as go shopping by foot, and also walk around your house yard. They can be effective ways to keep your body move. There is another way to make you look young, it is laughing. It is an easy and cheap way to get rid of the stress. The survey shows that laughing can burn calorie, it is also good for the health of heart because it will be able to train the diaphragm muscle. Those steps are easy to do, you can start it from now on and you will look young forever.

The Great Food for a Health Life

Health lifeLiving a Health life can be a very nice idea that you can in your daily life. This particular lifestyle will definitely make you able to keep any bad diseases away from you. So then, you will have an awesome fitness that can make you live longer. Then, in case you are so interested in living a healthy life, it will be better for you to choose the right food to support the lifestyle in the best way. So, what is the great food you have to choose when living healthy life? Let’s find out the answer below.

The great food to support your Health life

There are actually so many various options of great food that you can choose to optimize your Health life program, which some of them are vegetables and fruits. All of them have been known so well as the best sources that can provide you so numerous nutrients, fibers, vitamins, and any other good natural substances instead of high calorie. So then, they can be the right thing that will help you to control your weight and blood sugar on the good level as well as possible. So, you will be able to prevent yourself from any illnesses that might come.

Furthermore, the other great food you better eat when you live a Health life is dark chocolate. This specific food has been recognized as the best food that can make you feel happy and calm. It is because there are the flavonoids that will stimulate you to improve your good moods nicely. Besides, there is also antioxidant that can avoid you from bad diseases as well. So, that is why it is so suggested for you to eat dark chocolate regularly once a week. Thus, you can get the best benefits from this food.