Improvements and Balance of Clash Royale after Update

admin   November 22, 2016   Comments Off on Improvements and Balance of Clash Royale after Update

clash royale hackClash Royale is an epic game from supercell and it has made so many people spending their time inside the game. It actually also drives people to a community outside the physical world of the game in order to talk, discuss, and do some other things related to the game. Those who come to this website to find some tips, tricks and related information of the game actually play the second role in which being active in outside the physical game of Clash Royale. The extension of this game is absolutely broad, and there are some reasons underlying those activities such as improvement of features and balancing.

Clash Royale Game after Update

The clash and Royale game after several updates will change a little bit. The latest update brings some refreshed balancing. One adjustment is done when watching a friend fights against other. Previously, his/her opponent’s elixir amount will be visible. After the update, it is now hidden. The next balancing is closely related to the enjoyment of the gameplay itself. It deals with some tweaks and nerfs for particular cards so that they will not be overly used or neglected. There have been 5 cards that have been balanced and announced officially such as ice golem, ice spirit, rage, and lumberjack and inferno tower.

Other balance may be done in the future after analyzing the usage of cards after this very recent update. That way, players will feel comfortable in fighting opponents because there is no wide gap separating them. For those who are addicted to this game, it is actually recommended to use Clash Royale hack which is not available widely. Once you find this information, it may not be available anymore because of legal issues. Indeed, it has high risk, but it gives the opportunity to tweak the deck to the maximum level without limit.

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