Hair Care: Is It Ok Coloring Hair?

admin   November 24, 2016   Comments Off on Hair Care: Is It Ok Coloring Hair?

Health lifeThere are a lot of people who like change their hair color every month; it is because they are bored with their hair appearance. Then, cutting hair is not enough to get away the boredom. However, do you know that hair color made your hair suffer? It is damage and dead. For your hair health; of course, it is not good but you do insist on coloring your hair. Then, how to make the hair still healthy although it is colored so often in a year? The answer is doing not color your hair too often. You can still color the hair but only once in three months or longer.

The best way of having good and healthy hair with colored hair is to give it the proper hair care. You can use hair care that is made special for damage hair or for colored hair. Not only the shampoo that caring your hair but also the vitamin for your damage hair. It will make your hair stay alive. You also can put on masker to your hair at least once a week to strengthen the hair and relax your mind. Not only women who need to care their hair here; men who often change their hair color need to use the tips above as well.

If you think you do not have more budget to do that treatment for your hair; do not color your hair if it does not necessary. Maybe if you want to do it just once or twice to know the effect; you can color your hair without use the bleaching. Bleaching here will make your more damage than only coloring. Some people who have strong hair may still have good and beautiful hair without any damage if they only use the color without bleach. The point prefers the health of your hair first before the esthetic.

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