How To Get Rid Of Productive Cough

admin   November 28, 2016   Comments Off on How To Get Rid Of Productive Cough

Health lifeA cough is having two types. First is a dry cough, it is a bad type since it is really hard to be controlled. Second is a productive cough, it will spill out the certain liquid that becomes the obstacle in our breath system. A productive cough or we call it a wet cough is so irritating if we do not take some action to take care of this. A cough, in general, is the natural way of our body to clean out our throat from any irritant and any virus that becomes the obstacle in our respiratory system. It is also the self-defense system from our body.

This is sometimes irritating if we see our friend often cough especially when we are focusing on our task. That is why we must take care our body well if we are healthy to prevent this kind of ache. To reduce the symptom of a wet cough could be reduced with certain ways. The drugs that you need is expectorant. The expectorant will help you loosen the mucus in your throat, it will allow you to be easier to spill out the liquid that becomes the cause of a wet cough. You can buy it in the nearest drug store that you trust.

The next thing that you have to do is to avoid smoking or avoid the people who smoke regularly. This is because the bad impact of smoke which could damage your lungs and also create a certain disease that is really problematic. It is often so bad if you become the active smoker because the condition will not be good for you. The cause of a cough is also found from your surrounding because the symptom may be caused by the dirt in your area. It is better to check your allergy condition to know whether you are having a problem with pollen or not.

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