Game Review: Need For Speed

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Dodo HackNeed for speed or known as NFS is a car racing game developed by Electronic Arts. This is a successful racing video game in the world. More than 100 million copies were sold. This game was featured by more software like EMP, Shockwaves, and ability to take over the road. Meanwhile, there are some secret streets that will help you to hide from cops. Another feature is player might could open each used car EA invite you to join racing in the big city using modified car. You can use a game review to have an awesome yet faster car.

Nostalgic The Old Days

Player willing to modify their own car to make popularity as the king of street racing. Choices of the car are very miscellaneous. Including Ford Fiesta ST, Subaru BRZ until McLaren 650s. if you aren’t satisfied with 22 cars, you can have modified your cars itself with a game review. You could have modified your car with visuals point. The new NFS had many parts that could be customized. From the color of your car until modifying part of the car such as veg, tires, lamp, roof spoiler even body’s car. So, that, even if you choose the same type, it won’t be the same looks. Each other car would look so different because of the customization. For racing was divided into some mode. At least, 3 mode you could play. These 3 modes are divided again as underground and tournament. Underground is for street racing that joined by 2 – 4 racers while the tournament is a legal one with one rival. Make sure that you have a stable connection before playing.

Nostalgic is the first thing that comes up to mind when you’re playing this game. NFS is the king of the racing video games. We could have customized our car freely by a game cheat. This game make player could feel the sense of being a street racing.

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