Enough Rest To Make A Healthy Body

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Health lifeGood rest and enough rest can make a recovery and increase the strength of the body after used in a variety of activities. Sleep is an important factor in the break, during which sleep all our body functions filled / updated again. But the break was not only slept, but also relax, changes in activity, eliminating all the pressures of work or other problems. Such as a walk to breathe fresh air, exercise, clear your mind everything can soothe the muscles. We all need a break to fight all the fatigue. Once we wake up from sleep, our brains get back to work very well.

Growth hormone is essential for improving the quality, size and efficiency of the brain, it also increases the transport of amino acids from the blood to the brain that allows nerve cells to be able to continue to learn and useful. Most of the growth hormone produced when we sleep in peace (serene). Other important hormones are cortisone, which is the highest production of it is from midnight until in the morning (early). Cortisone play a big role in helping us deal with stress / pressures we face every day, reducing fatigue and inflammation. When we sleep late, then they limit the body’s ability to handle all activities and reduce the energy and vitality of the next day.

The human body has been arranged in a way where each of its organs has the time for rest and recovery. During sleep, all the muscles relax and the nervous system is freed from all tension, violence often happens every day. This is the time where the body repair itself. We often confused and ask ‘what time sleep is good for health? And whether bedtime it’s should be done every day and are required?’, a good sleep was not a problem at ‘when we start but how soundly we sleep, and how many total hours of sleep we to get’. When we sleep over at 12 am but you sleep soundly, it’s not a problem. In addition, if indeed our total hours of sleep (including naps) has been reached between 6-8 hours per day (soundly) is also not a problem. Because the main cause of liver damage is “Sleeping too late and waking up too late are the most significant cause”.

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